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David Dellafiora (ed.): ReSite, No. 8, Vol.2

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David Dellafiora (ed.): ReSite, No. 8, Vol.2

ReSite is an assembling publication where pages have an element of audience participation or interaction. ReSite is part of the tradition of Fluxus editions where anyone can perform an action or score. In addition to this performance-based approach, ReSite taps into the rich tradition of the avant-garde with contributions of manifestos and documentation of art actions.

ReSite encourages participation by writers and musicians to produce visual scores and manifestos as well as continuing the call for contributions by conceptual artists. Please pass on the word to anyone who would like to be in future issues.

David Dellafiora, June 2014

Site Workers

Alwina UK Vittore Baroni Italy Horst Baur China John M. Bennett USA Angela Behrendt Germany JF Chapelle FranceDavid Dellafiora Australia Joaquin Gomez Spain Uli Grohmann Germany Susan Hartigan Australia Magda Lagerwerf The Netherlands Serse Luigetti Italy Sonja Benskin Mesher UK Peter Müller Germany Andrew Maximilian Niss Germany Cheryl Penn South Africa Lubomyr Tymkiv Ukraine Kotun Viktor Hungary Daniele Virgilio Italy

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Recent Collaborations

Beside the collaboration with Luc Fierens there is two collaboration in progress. One between Kotun Viktor and Reed Altemus and a tribute issue of the new assembling publication, Budapest Catalog! The theme of the first issue is: Paint It Black!

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ReSite No. 11

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David Dellafiora (Ed.): ReSite No.11
Field Study Publications, Australia, 2010

Welcome to the eleventh issue of ReSite. ReSite is an assembling magazine – works are conceived with an element of audience participation or interaction. ReSite is part of the tradition of Fluxus publications where the reader is given the opportunity of re-interpreting the author by performing their instruction or score.
‘Leave your mark…’, ‘Connect The Dots’, ‘Free Trade’ draft, create your own 3-d garden, ‘Action For Tourist’ and find a use for ‘Gorson’ are just some of the instructions you will find in this issue of ReSite.


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Reflex No. 2

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Szigeti Árpád (Ed.): Reflex, No. 2, Szenvedélyek (Passions), p 36, 2010



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REFLEX magazine issue #1 +badge

black and white zine with laced linocut cover
19 artist / 40 pages, limited edition of 120
500 Huf, order: reflexmazine@gmail.com

Rendszertelenül, kis példányszámban megjelenő, mindig egy adott témára reflektáló kiadvány. DIY.

arrived for the fanzine show /fanzine showra érkezett

link: http://reflexmagazine.blogspot.com/

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