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Compassion is terrorism

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Tes: Compassion is Terrorism,  2008


My second and most recent cd came out in the end of 2008 in Haarlem and is called: “War is Peace, Freedom is Shopping, Ignorance is Strength, Compassion is Terrorism” – free interpreted to George Orwell. I worked out the graphics myself once again and put a lot of time also in a booklet explaining the backgrounds of the subjects of the songs.
For more info on this records and other stuff, you can go to the website.

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Odd Rain

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Vittore Baroni

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REFLEX magazine issue #1 +badge

black and white zine with laced linocut cover
19 artist / 40 pages, limited edition of 120
500 Huf, order: reflexmazine@gmail.com

Rendszertelenül, kis példányszámban megjelenő, mindig egy adott témára reflektáló kiadvány. DIY.

arrived for the fanzine show /fanzine showra érkezett

link: http://reflexmagazine.blogspot.com/

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