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Több mint 70 résztvevő papír alapú kiadványa 17 országból. Egy ideiglenes fanzine archívumot installálunk, ahol az érdeklődők fénymásolhatnak a beérkezett anyagból, valamint a megnyitón és kedd esténként cserélhetnek a Plágium2000 kiadványaiból. Az egy hónapos kiállítás alatt tehát folytatjuk csere alapon a fanzine (és bookwork) gyűjtést. *** MI A FANZINE? *** MI A PROGRAM?

We introduce the zines sent by the participants from 17 countries.  We are going to install a temporal fanzine archiv from which people could photocopy whatever they are interested in.  NO PRIZE, NO COPYRIGHT, NO SHIT! If sending us material please write us your postal address and email, too.  Check our blog for documentation of our earlier and running projects: http://plagium2000.wordpress.com

installation in Budapest

Fanzine Show as a dynamic anthology irregular packages & irregular updates

Plágium2000 started to organize this project by publishing a call on a leaflet online and postal exchanges back in 2009. We had new flyres published as periods of activity were changing shifts with a lack of focus and energy. We extended the deadlines couple of times and answered the participants just when we had the possibility to mail abroad in a bigger quantity. For years our project was existing only on the blog which we call the dynamic anthology where we posted all of the ‘zines received by post or exchanged in punk shows or art galleries or outside these sub-cultural contexts.

Now when the catalogue is being edited we are working in the Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle) Budapest: in the framework of a month long group collaborations we participate with our temporal fanzine archive installation. We introduce the ‘zines sent as an answer for our call: more than 80 participants from 17 countries and most of the people take part with more titles sending material with every package exchanged.

Fanzine Show as an assemblingthe Budapest Edition

It was an interesting step to participate in other mail art calls – even though we dont consider our project a fully MA one, rather a ‘zine research useing the methods of mail art. We realized today the most interesting MA projects are the assemblings like the KART and ReSite of David Dellafiora or the Arte Postale! of Vittore Baroni or the Reflex Magazine of Szigeti Árpád. These editors make the perfect theme calls in order to receive those materials which needed to build that publication they were dreaming about. By a good chance unexpected contents are always appearing in one’s mail box. Anyway, just consider the  contrast of dimensions of an individually made ‘zine vs. a collaborative diverse assembling zine. The former gives you an insight into one’s theories and/or practices, thoughts while the later always gathers at least 10 – 20 – 30 participants answering, reflecting the call of the editor. Excitement is guaranteed whether you are the editor or the participant on the other side of the globe receiving your copy of “the group show in an envelope”.

From the beginning we were advertising our show as a project which goes against any concept of property rights wheter its called copy-left or copy-right or copy-whatever… We installed a BW photocopier allowing the visitors to copy whatever ‘zines they are interested in. For this purpose we had to copy as many of the ‘zines as possible in order to not to unfold/unstapple the originals. By now we have copied the 70% of the collection and we installed a box of copy copies next to the photocopier. It was during the photocopy process that we got enlightened: our Fanzine Show is a super-assembling in itself. Meanwhile copying at the Budapest Edition we are preparing the possibility to organize new editions in other cities of the globe.

Fanzine Show as a melting potpunk fanzines feat. artists’ bookworks

During the exchange / collecting research periods we didnt focus just on fanzines in a classical meaning based on the punk renaissance of the 1970s and ’80s. We were for a wide range of publications: arty ‘zines, punk fanzines, mail art publications, bookworks, stamps, all kind of poetry, etc. Its really hard to draw the borderlines between these different categories; however we try to use categories on the blog as well in the catalog in order to make an easier context for the perception. In general we are more for searching for aspects that can unite us than for sub-cultural arguments (wheter moral or aesthetic) about the true face of fanzines making up new borders between us just to fabricate an identity for ourselves.

felhívásra küldött kiadványok | publications sent for the open call
Reed Altemus, Árki Tibi, Aska, Carl Baker, Barkókefe No.1-3Vittore Baroni, John M. Bennett, Jethro Brice, Dimitri Broquard, Keith Buchholz, Dave Baptiste Chirot, David Dellafiora, D.I.Y. Sextoys, El Taller de Zenon, Erinyen, Felipe Lamadrid, Luc Fierens, Future Farmers, GEFAPOGépFrújit, Hajdu Zsolt, Imaginary Windows No.4maszK ásaTás, Kudri Dávid, Kupás Péter, Fabrizio Legger, Letter Founder No.80, Little Shiva, Serse Luigetti, Piero MajocchiMás Néven, METEX, NievesNode Pajomo, Pink ReutersPlágium2000, Nádia PoltosiPsyche Out, Raspojasane Misli, Annina Van Sebroeck, Gianni Simone,  Slabéczi Tamás, Mark Sonnenfeld, Squatters’ Handbook, Giovanni StraDA DA Ravena, Szabó PéterAndrew Topel, Lubomyr Tymkiv, Taras Tymkiv, Tom Soy
(bocs aki kimaradt, vagy véletlen került bele) [sorry for those who are not listed and/or are listed only by mistake.]

cserélt kiadványok | exchanged publications
103, Antimédia, Berei Zoltán, Rebecca Chesney, Blekket Komiks, Chat Noir No. 1-2, Dolce Vita 3, Dornröschen, Anna Ehrlemark, Flora (Black Pages), Jesper Fabricius, Joscha, Karin Frank, Karate, Jouni Koponen, Maha, Odd Rain, Reflex No.1-3, Robopimp3Tes, Trükkös Félix, Wol 6
(bocs aki kimaradt, vagy véletlen került bele) [sorry for those who are not listed and/or are listed only by mistake.]

punk fanzinok Klein Lacitól
Agnus Dei No.1, A Mi Oldalunk No.11, Burzsoá nyugdíjasok daloskönyv, Elíz csodaországban, Isten malaca, Lyukság No.1, Második Látás No.1, Maszek Ideggyógyász No. 3, Mély Vágás No.1&3, My Scene Sucks, Napocska No.4, Nem változunk No.1, Nyálkahártya No.3, Olvasnivaló ’92/1, Radical Root & Negatív split, Rozsdaszín Párduc No.2, Terembura, Tükör No.1, Tűzvonal No.1, Vitamin No.1

Flowing in Omaha by Ken Friedman

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  1. RCBz said, on 31/03/2011 at 00:47

    When will you have another show?

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