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Reed Altemus

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Compassion is terrorism

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Tes: Compassion is Terrorism,  2008


My second and most recent cd came out in the end of 2008 in Haarlem and is called: “War is Peace, Freedom is Shopping, Ignorance is Strength, Compassion is Terrorism” – free interpreted to George Orwell. I worked out the graphics myself once again and put a lot of time also in a booklet explaining the backgrounds of the subjects of the songs.
For more info on this records and other stuff, you can go to the website.

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Jouni Koponen: Babycakes, 2002


When Neil mentioned in his blog that I have every now and again illustrated his stuff, I started thinking about the first time I did that. It was in early 2002. My wife had given birth to our first child the previous summer and I was learning how to be a father. Then I happened to read Neil’s short story called “Babycakes”… and it hit me HARD. I had read it before and thought if was great story (in a really disturbing way)… but reading it as a father of a tiny baby, the creepiness took a whole different level… and I IMMEDIATELY decided that I wanted to do a comic of it… and I did. Jouni Koponens related illustrations

Neil Gaiman reads his short story

Urban Wildlife

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Brice, Jethro: The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Urban Wildlife Habitat Regeneration. Or, how to make a kingfisher from discarded IRN BRU cans, Glasgow, 2006
Egy bonyolult alu-origami útmutató leírása lépésenként. Hogyan készül alu-sörös-dobozból a tarka Jégmadár?