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Szlaukó László: New Orwell series

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works received from Szlaukó László

David Dellafiora (ed.): ReSite, No. 8, Vol.2

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David Dellafiora (ed.): ReSite, No. 8, Vol.2

ReSite is an assembling publication where pages have an element of audience participation or interaction. ReSite is part of the tradition of Fluxus editions where anyone can perform an action or score. In addition to this performance-based approach, ReSite taps into the rich tradition of the avant-garde with contributions of manifestos and documentation of art actions.

ReSite encourages participation by writers and musicians to produce visual scores and manifestos as well as continuing the call for contributions by conceptual artists. Please pass on the word to anyone who would like to be in future issues.

David Dellafiora, June 2014

Site Workers

Alwina UK Vittore Baroni Italy Horst Baur China John M. Bennett USA Angela Behrendt Germany JF Chapelle FranceDavid Dellafiora Australia Joaquin Gomez Spain Uli Grohmann Germany Susan Hartigan Australia Magda Lagerwerf The Netherlands Serse Luigetti Italy Sonja Benskin Mesher UK Peter Müller Germany Andrew Maximilian Niss Germany Cheryl Penn South Africa Lubomyr Tymkiv Ukraine Kotun Viktor Hungary Daniele Virgilio Italy

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What I Want from Myself

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Pink Reuterz: What I Want from Myself, Budapest, Hungary, 2011

the Pink Reuterz + Uncle Dody to the right

Call & Response #3

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Gianni Simone (Ed.): Doing Time, Call & Response #3, 2007
Gianni Simone (Ed.): Orga{ni}sm #3, 2007

I escaped from Italy in 1992 and moved to Japan, where I found a job teaching Italian. Fell in love with mail art in 1997. In 2000 I started my first zine, KAIRAN, a forum devoted to the discussion of mail art-related topics. In 2004 I launched two more zines: Call & Response (each issue is about something different) and Orga{ni}sm, about Tokyo and all things Japanese. Among other things, I review zines for Xerography Debt. The same reviews can also be found in my blogGloomy Sundays. You can contact me at jb64jp@yahoo.co.jp. Nice long letters (you remember letters?) can be sent to:
Gianni Simone
3-3-23 Nagatsuta
226-0027 Kanagawa-ken

My link/1
My link/2
My link/3


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Barkókefe #1-3

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Coimbra (Ed.): Barkókefe, No. 1-3, Budapest, 2010-2011

skinhead ‘zine contents |tartalom
no.1 | no.2 | no.3

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Kudri Dávid: Provokatőr No. 1, Tokaj, 2010


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Squatters Handbook

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Squatters Handbook, 13th edition

The Squatters Handbook (ISBN 0 – 9507769 – 6-3) has been published by the Advisory Service for Squatters in London since 1976. It is now in its thirteenth edition and provides 83 pages of detailed legal and practical information about squatting, homelessness and Travellers in England and Wales. Be aware that the law is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland and that the info in the handbook won’t apply there.

We put out the 13th edition of the handbook in July, 2009. Boxes and boxes of them are currently cluttering our office. Please help us get rid of them! More content, same price, even a shiny new cover.


received as a gift for the show

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DIY Sex Toys

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Diy Sex Toys

received as a gift for the show

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Árkitibi: Visszapillantó, Kavinton2100 Kiadó, 2010

This booklet was published within the collaborative project of Kavinton2100 and Plágium2000, documenting the folklore vandalization of democratic election posters in two turns of Hungarian political system.

More about the exhibitions >>>
connected Plágium2000 publications >>>

Manifesto for an Emancipative Production of Images

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