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Robopimp3, 2009

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What I Want from Myself

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Pink Reuterz: What I Want from Myself, Budapest, Hungary, 2011

the Pink Reuterz + Uncle Dody to the right

Blekket Komiks

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Rohadék: Blekket Komiks #3, #5, Miskolc, Hungary, 2010

Rohadék kiadványai ezen a blogon:
Revolúció No.7-9 | Diktatúra No.11 | Provóció | Blekket különszám

Renegát Projekt

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Diktatúra #11

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Rohadék (Ed.): Diktatúra #11, Miskolc, Hungary, 2011

Ami eddig a Revolúció volt, az a 11. számtól a Diktatúra. Mi jöhet még ezután?

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Call & Response #3

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Gianni Simone (Ed.): Doing Time, Call & Response #3, 2007
Gianni Simone (Ed.): Orga{ni}sm #3, 2007

I escaped from Italy in 1992 and moved to Japan, where I found a job teaching Italian. Fell in love with mail art in 1997. In 2000 I started my first zine, KAIRAN, a forum devoted to the discussion of mail art-related topics. In 2004 I launched two more zines: Call & Response (each issue is about something different) and Orga{ni}sm, about Tokyo and all things Japanese. Among other things, I review zines for Xerography Debt. The same reviews can also be found in my blogGloomy Sundays. You can contact me at jb64jp@yahoo.co.jp. Nice long letters (you remember letters?) can be sent to:
Gianni Simone
3-3-23 Nagatsuta
226-0027 Kanagawa-ken

My link/1
My link/2
My link/3


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Ninja Terror!!

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Vadim – Rohadék: Ninja Terror!!, Blekket Komiks különszám, Miskolc, 2010

A miskolci Rohadék a Renegát Projekt mellett pörgeti a képregény rajzolást is.
Korábban ezen a blogon: Provóció split ‘zineDiktatúra #11ProvócióBlekket Komics

Rohadék látogatása az Artpoolban: Rohadék a Renegát Projekt kiadványaival.
Rohadék visiting the Artpool Archive.

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En Saga

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Vetro Baji – Csiki Csaba – Szabó Péter – Bartis Noémi – Streza Elena: En Saga, Kolozsvár, Románia, 1999


El Taller de Zenon

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latest stamp sheet from El Taller de Zenon, Sevilla, Spain

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Barkókefe #1-3

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Coimbra (Ed.): Barkókefe, No. 1-3, Budapest, 2010-2011

skinhead ‘zine contents |tartalom
no.1 | no.2 | no.3

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Imaginary Windows #4

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Erin Fae: Imaginary Windows #4, New Zealand, 2010

This issue is a perzine about my bicycle, gender, inheriting stories, amazing art, Brooklyn, recipes, and my heart. It’s been many years since I put out a copy of IW, and I must say, I feel that this is my best zine ever. I’m so proud of it.

*40 pages, quarter size