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Squatters Handbook

Posted in political, punk, squat, urban art by plagium2000 on 04/02/2011

Squatters Handbook, 13th edition

The Squatters Handbook (ISBN 0 – 9507769 – 6-3) has been published by the Advisory Service for Squatters in London since 1976. It is now in its thirteenth edition and provides 83 pages of detailed legal and practical information about squatting, homelessness and Travellers in England and Wales. Be aware that the law is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland and that the info in the handbook won’t apply there.

We put out the 13th edition of the handbook in July, 2009. Boxes and boxes of them are currently cluttering our office. Please help us get rid of them! More content, same price, even a shiny new cover.


received as a gift for the show

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