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Kristóf Krisztián: Field Recordings

Posted in bookwork, Budapest, collage, comics, fanzine, wildlife by plagium2000 on 21/05/2014

Kristóf Krisztián

Kristóf Krisztián: Field Recordings, Open Source Press, Budapest, 2014


Edition of 20 handnumbered copies. Plágium2000 distribution has 3 copies left for sale and/or exchange. For details write to multiplika2000 – gmail – com.

Kristóf Krisztián sent this bookwork together with his collaboration material for our new assembling publication going to be released this summer. The bookwork was published for the Fanzine Show organized in Higgs Field Budapest.


The Wildlife Analyzis

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Dimitri Broquard: The Wildlife Analyzis, Zurich, 2009



Urban Wildlife

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Brice, Jethro: The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Urban Wildlife Habitat Regeneration. Or, how to make a kingfisher from discarded IRN BRU cans, Glasgow, 2006
Egy bonyolult alu-origami útmutató leírása lépésenként. Hogyan készül alu-sörös-dobozból a tarka Jégmadár?